Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about helping you unlock your daily performance and health. Our passion is to see trainees exceed their thoughts of the best body they can have. We want clients and athletes to experience what it is like to blow past their competition on and off their field of performance. We believe there is nothing you cannot accomplish with a renewed and strong mind.


“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” – Romans 12:2

What can we say? We have been around the block a few times, tested our methods on several clients, are certified, and best of all get Results. We want every trainee to have a better understanding of how to use our systems to build a healthy more fulfilling life.

We know that many of people have been misinformed on how easy increased performance can be achieved by numerous DVD’s, gadgets, and infomercials. We want you to know that reaching maximal performance is hard work, but we will show you how to feel energized & have fun while obtaining your goals.

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    Adult Fitness

    A community of people who have a goal of improving their lives. Many use these workouts to increase their energy levels, stop taking medicine, decrease pain during movement, lose weight, feel better about their self image, build relationships, and decrease stress.

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    Sports Performance

    New Level Athletes are those that want to maximize their abilities on and off the field. This can include increasing their test scores, improving game speed, building strength, dunking a basketball, swimming faster in the pool, and become a professional athlete.

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    Team Training

    We consult with various teams and organizations to develop leadership and athletic abilities.This offering includes providing nutritional information, improving organizational skills, strength training, speed training, leadership training, athletic testing, recruiting education, mobility screening, flexibility training, and team progress reports.

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    Mental Advantage Program

    Everyone in life needs to develop a M.A.P(Mental Advantage Program)™ for accomplishingtheir goals. This program will help you discover your purpose, develop deadlines, diminish distractions, evaluate performance indicators, and execute sound principles. It is for people and companies that want to make average extinct and change their underperforming areas.

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    Marriage Coaching

    There is a statistic that shows that a couple divorces every 36 seconds. Our goal is to change that and show how stronger families yield better communities. This program helps couples honestly share about important topics within a marriage. These include finances, sex, communication, forgiveness, and parenting. We provide couples bootcamps, seminars, workshops, podcasts, and retreats. The initiative is called C.U.F. ( Couples United Forever).

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